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3705 N Runway Dr #117
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What types of sculptures can you create?
Just about anything! Ice sculptures are not just for buffets at resorts anymore. Our sculptures can be made to fit any occasion and budget. Our drink luges are always a great idea to liven up a party. We can do anything from small table centerpieces to a full ice bar.

Can you freeze objects into the ice?
Just about anything can be frozen into our blocks as they form. Most often we freeze flowers, photos and promotional products. A lead time of one week is necessary to complete a custom block.

How big will my sculpture be?
Before we begin sculpting the full block of ice measures 40” tall by 20” wide by 10” deep. The drip pan below measures 20” by 24”.

How long does an ice sculpture last?
There are a few factors that determine how long an ice sculpture will last. As a general rule, a full block ice sculpture will keep its shape for six to eight hours. Ice sculptures last longer with low humidity in an area protected from the wind. Most importantly a sculpture should never be displayed in direct sun.

Where do you get your ice?
We manufacture our blocks at our ice studio. When we make our own ice, we know each block will be perfectly suited to ice sculpting. The process entails purifying our city water. Our block freezers are designed to circulate the water while freezing, resulting in a crystal clear three hundred pound block. The complete freezing process takes place over a three to four day time period.

What tools do you use?
Modern ice sculpting has come a long way from the days of handsaws and chisels. Today, professional ice carvers use an array of power tools with specialized attachments to create sculptures. The chain saw is by far the most important tool for removing the bulk of the ice.

How do you deliver ice sculptures without them melting or breaking?
Our sculptures are bubble wrapped and transported in cardboard boxes and delivered in our insulated van.

Can I combine my centerpieces with a floral arrangement?
We work with expert floral designers who can embellish our centerpieces. We can also supply additional floral displays for your event.

What must I provide at my event?
A single sculpture can weigh as much as 175 pounds, so a sturdy table is absolutely essential. Our sculptures will be placed on a drainage base that will drain into a container under the table. It is recommended that a tablecloth is provided to conceal the drainage container. We can provide electric up-lighting in several color choices. We request that the client have electricity available to the table, prior to our arrival.

How much lead time will you need?
We keep some sculptures in storage in our freezer for last minute requests. However, a lead time of at least five days is recommended for our standard pieces and ten days for custom pieces.

How much does an Ice Sculpture Cost?
Our Ice Sculptures can be delivered and set-up one hour prior to your event for $300 (Tucson-area.)

Do you offer any discounts?
We offer discounts of 5% for 20 to 39 centerpieces and a 10% discount on 40 or more centerpieces. You can save up to 25% if you prefer to pick up the sculptures at our shop. We pack them in bubble wrap and cardboard boxes and are easily transported. We also supply the drip pans and lights, which you can return at a later date.

Where are you located?
Our studio is located at 3705 N. Runway Drive near I-10 and Prince Road in Tucson. We are available for consultation and pickup by appointment by phone: 520-579-5322.

Do you go to all the best parties?
Oh YEAH! Everyone is thrilled to meet the ice artist. We’ll soon be updating our Facebook page with the latest events where our ice art was featured.

I have a question not covered here – what can I do?
Head on over to our Contact page and fill out our Contact Form, or give us a call at (520)579-5322.